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Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative announced an Area (security) Lighting rate increase in June 2016. The changes to this rate structure are nominal and intended to provide our Members with a choice and enhanced environmentally-sound equipment, with a more agreeable lighting color and appearance. This was your co-op’s first rate increase for area lighting in more than 12 years.

With the new area lighting rate structure, the monthly cost of your existing area light will change to a new rate. You should have been notified of this change by mail. If not, please contact us at 800-445-4840.

If your area light fails to operate or you wish to change it, you also can call us at 800-445-4840 or email us at info@hwe.coop and we will replace it with a comparable LED fixture.  

These LED fixtures are more environmentally friendly and provide a brighter, whiter light than the yellow light given off by the high-pressure sodium lights. Hancock-Wood is no longer carrying these types of area lights or the mercury vapor lights as they are becoming obsolete.

Hancock-Wood’s primary mission is to provide safe and reliable electric service to its Members. All our co-op’s electrical installations are required by state and federal law to comply with The National Electric Safety Code (NESC). This code is a nationwide standard that ensures electrical equipment is properly maintained and in safe operating condition for the general public.  

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