Free Energy Audits by our Energy Services Advisor

ENERGY AUDITS consist of a professional inspection of mechanical systems, insulation, windows, lighting and appliances to determine improvements needed for top home energy efficiency.

A Blower Door Test consists of mounting a flexible frame with a powerful fan in an exterior doorway to measure air infiltration. The fan pulls air out of the house, lowering the air pressure inside. The higher outside air pressure then flows in through all unsealed cracks and openings. A gauge determines the air-infiltration rate (cubic feet per minute or CFM) of a building. A blower door test can help you:  

  • Avoid unnecessary energy consumption due to air leaks.
  • Avoid moisture condensation problems.
  • Avoid hot or cold air leaking in from the outside.
  • Avoid certain indoor air pollution (such as mold) that may result from a house that is sealed too tightly.

Having a home that is sealed poorly will cost more to heat and to cool. However, having a house that is sealed too tightly can be unhealthy because it is not exchanging fresh air.

  • Over-the-phone Energy Audit for those with limited time, just call us - Free service.
  • Urgent Energy Audit for unexplained increase in energy use
    (takes 30-90 minutes) - Free, $50 value.
  • Full Energy Audit inspection for those looking to reduce their overall energy use
    (takes 1-2 hours) - Free, $100 value. 
  • Full Energy Audit with Blower Door Test for those who wish the most accurate inspection to reduce overall energy use (takes 3-4 hours) - Free, $150 value.

To schedule an appointment for an audit to start saving energy, simply contact us 
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