As part of its commitment to our seventh cooperative principle, Concern for Community, Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative offers donations and sponsorships in addition to grants through the HWE Community Trust Fund (Operation Round Up).

Donations typically are awarded for smaller non-profit organization equipment or needs. Sponsorships are considered donations in which Hancock-Wood receives promotion through an event or program. 

Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative, Inc. desires to build upon and maintain its commitment to community. Sponsorship of events and donations to organizations provides an opportunity for the Cooperative to both extend the mission of supporting quality of life and extend the Cooperative’s brand. The guidelines that follow provide a method of prioritizing the opportunities that best serve this purpose.


1) In order to make the most informed decision possible, opportunities for sponsorship must be presented to the Cooperative on or with a current version of the Sponsorship & Donation Request Form located on

2) Top priority for selection of sponsorships is to extend the mission and brand of the Cooperative. A sponsorship or donation would be the best fit, and therefore have the greatest likelihood of selection, if it provides the following:

  • Representation of similar values to those of the Touchstone Energy brand (integrity, accountability, innovation, and commitment to community) and/or support to the cooperative business model and/or the economic development and quality of life of to the communities within Hancock-Wood Electric’s service area.
  • A sponsorship cost that represents a good value for the number of people who will be exposed to the message of the sponsored event or organization.
  • A communication channel (e.g. event, advertising, display) that presents diversity and support to the Cooperative’s communication strategy.

3) Sponsorships and Donations will be tracked on an ongoing basis. The Cooperative will use this information to examine overall trends to make strategic decisions about the selection process. Applications will be considered in respect to this strategy.

4) The budget for Sponsorships and Donations is set in the Cooperative’s Annual Budget. While the Cooperative will make every effort to plan and track expenses, funds are limited, which may restrict the Cooperative’s ability to support a Sponsorship and Donation at any time during the year.

5) A committee will review all applicants monthly.

6) A report of the Cooperative’s donation and sponsorships will be prepared monthly to the Board of Trustees.

Donations and Sponsorship Form
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