OurSolar Expansion Underway at Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative

Cooperative membership has its perks:  A cooperative-based approach to solar power is a cost-effective solution for members seeking a green energy option without the up-front investment in costly solar panels and installation fees. 

Buckeye Power, in collaboration with Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative, is developing an expansion to OurSolar, a community solar program developed and operated by Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives. OurSolar is a green energy option that’s available to cooperative members. The expansion will begin in Fall 2021; the new facility is anticipated to be operational by Summer 2022. 

Why OurSolar?

OurSolar differs from other utility scale solar projects in a few ways:

  • OurSolar is operated by the cooperative to provide power to only cooperative members in Ohio. Non-members are not eligible to receive power through the OurSolar program.
  • OurSolar is sized to meet the demand from cooperative members who choose to subscribe to the OurSolar program. As such, the OurSolar facility requires a much smaller footprint than other utility-scale projects.

A Cooperative Approach = Better Pricing for You

OurSolar provides a cooperative-based approach to solar energy, which enables cooperative members to participate in in using green energy, cost-effectively.  By subscribing to the OurSolar program, members do not need to purchase or install their own solar panels.

The current OuSolar array is located at the corner of US 224 and TR 215, the expanded facility will occupy a total of about 15 acres.

Learn more about the OurSolar program