Understanding your Hancock-Wood Electric bill: 

An example electric bill. For more assistance in understanding your bill, please call 800-445-4840

A-  Your account number, statement number, service location district number, billing date & board district.
B - This indicates your meter number and rate classification.
C - Your 13-month usage history to help you better watch trends and electric consumption.
D - Your meter reading section:

  • Type of Service - Listed as "Electric Service"; however, on security light-only accounts this column will be blank.
  • Read Dates - The beginning and end dates for the billing period.
  • Days - The total amount of days in this current reading cycle.
  • Reads - The previous and current meter dial readings.
  •  Metered Usage - The amount of electricity you consumed during this reading cycle, measured in kWh (kilowatt hours).
  • Unit of Measure - Measured in kWh (kilowatt hours).
  • Multiplier - In most homes the meter multiplier is 1.   Monthly electric use may be more than the meter can register on some accounts, so there could be a multiplier" labeled on the front, which is usually 40, 80, or more. You then multiply the kwh metered usage by the multiplier to get the total billed usage. 
  • Billed Usage - The amount of electricity you are being billed for during this reading cycle.

E - Budget message - If you are on budget billing, this message (with your current information) appears on your bill each month.
F - Your charge details / breakdown of charges:

  • Cooperative Services and Fees - This component allows us to generate sufficient revenue to cover our fixed costs. Fixed costs are those that we incur annually no matter what, such as interest and principal on long term debt, insurance, employee wages and benefits, equipment, trucks, tools, and rebuilding of the distribution system, to name a few. 
  • Generation & Transmission Charge - This is Buckeye Power’s wholesale cost that Hancock-Wood incurs each month and is the amount you pay for wholesale power, which includes generation, transmission, and environmental costs. On-Peak and Off-Peak kWh information can be found here. Interested in learning more about time-of-day rates and what the on-peak hours are click here
  • Other Fees and Charges – This includes the required State of Ohio kWh tax and can also include Operation Round Up your (bill was automatically rounded up to the next highest dollar, and that amount is then deposited into a separate account. These funds are used as charitable contributions to qualifying community groups and individuals in our area needing assistance), security lights, load control credits, etc.  

G - Messages - We share important messages here, so be sure to read this area each month.
H -  Account Summary