Heating system health checkup
When fall arrives, it's time to have your heating system checked and serviced by a qualified professional. No matter what kind of system you have, a heating system check-up will ensure that it's operating efficiently and safely before the first cold days arrive. That heating safety check should also include any portable heaters that you may be using. Make sure the cord to a portable electric heater is in good condition and that the switches and controls are all working properly. If you use a fireplace or wood stove during the winter, have the chimney cleaned and the flues checked out.

Stay safe...and warm
Cold days and nights may call for some extra heat in your home. Modern conveniences such as electric blankets and portable electric heaters add a lot of comfort but can present risks if not properly used. However, with a few basic commonsense tips, you can stay safe and warm throughout the winter: Keep bedding, clothes, draperies, rugs, furniture, or anything that may be flammable at least three feet away from portable heaters, even those with safety guards and automatic cut-off switches. Don't tuck in electric blankets, or you may damage or break the insulation around the coils and create a fire hazard. Keep electric blankets on top of other covers, and keep pets off the blanket, too. Always unplug electric heaters and blankets when they are not in use. Never leave these appliances unattended. Portable heaters and electric blankets, or any other appliance that produces heat should not be used with extension cords. Make sure to plug them directly into a wall outlet.