The Benefits of Membership are many, here are just a few:

  • Young Member Benefits - Scholarships and Youth Tour opportunities extend thousands of dollars each year to member youth.
  • A Vote - Cooperative members are owners and may participate in the direction of the company. Then the co-op fights to maintain that direction. That's what we mean by democratic member control.
  • Competitive Rates - Decades of careful growth and planning have made Hancock-Wood a remarkably stable electric provider whose Members enjoy reliable, affordable electric service. Contributing to this stability is our alliance with our trade organization OEC. Because we're part of a statewide system, we're able to keep the wholesale rates we pay low and ensure our Members an abundance of reasonably priced power.  Also, as a nonprofit, we operate solely to provide electricity, not to increase profit for shareholders. This is why we return excess funds in the form of capital credits or patronage capital to our Members.  These stable, affordable rates catalyze business growth which, in turn, has far-reaching effects on the quality of life enjoyed by all our Members.
  • Money Back - All members are entitled to patronage capital.
  • Events - We hope you will join us at our Member Appreciation Day, a free event for all members. 
  • Rebates - Our programs provide rebates to members who install high-efficiency heating/cooling options, use resource-saving building features and participate in demand-reduction programs.
  • Co-op Connections Card - This membership card, provided to you free from Hancock-Wood, helps you obtain discounts from online, national and local merchants.  Visit the to search for discounts right at home or across the United States. 
  • Publications - You'll receive Ohio Cooperative Living magazine mailed to your home every month. It's filled with cooperative news, information, stories, tips and ideas. You can also request many excellent safetyand energy efficiency brochures through our website or by visiting our lobby.
  • Payment Plans - We offer several convenient methods for making bill paying easier.