We have many different alternatives for helping you pay your bill conveniently and without fees!

  1. The online bill payment system features paperless billing and accepts all forms of payment listed below. You will need a paper statement to set up your online account. 
    • CREDIT CARD POLICY - Please note: no refunds can be issued.
  2. Mail your payment using the envelope and stub included with your statement.
  3. At our office in the lobby indoors, the drive through window and a night deposit drop-box located at drive-through. Check our office hours here.
  4. Payment drop box at Kroger grocery store on Tiffin Avenue in Findlay. This option should not be used for late payments.
  5. Call us at 800-445-4840 (option 2) to pay with your credit card or check via our automated system. Or speak to a Member Services Representative.


  • Cash - Accepted at our office only.
  • Check - Accepted online, at our office, mailed payment, at the Kroger drop box or through the automated telephone system.
  • Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted online. CREDIT CARD POLICY - Please note: no refunds can be issued.


Hundreds of Hancock-Wood Members pay their bills without ever writing a check. Using automatic bill payment, all a Member has to do is sign up. Each month the Member will continue to receive a statement showing how much eletricity was used and how much money will be transferred from the Member's checking account to pay the bill. The Member will receive about 10 days notice prior to the transfer in order to have adequate funds in the account. The amount will vary month to month unless the Member signs up for budget billing (more information is below). 

How do I sign up?
Just fill out the request form, enclose a voided check and mail to Hancock-Wood.

What if there isn't enough money in the account?
The statement of the amount to be deducted will be mailed 10-15 days prior to the date we transfer funds from the member's account. This gives the Member time to make a deposit. If there is not enough money in the account to cover the check, it will be treated as a "bounced" check, and there will be a service charge.

How will I know the bill has been paid?
The fund transfer will be itemized on the monthly checking account statement you receive from your financial institution. When you receive your statement, enter the amount to be transferred and the date in your checkbook.

Does Hancock-Wood charge for this service?
No, but the Member should ask their financial institution if they have a charge. If they do, it is usually less than a paper check charge.

How long does it take for the plan to take effect?
Depending on when you sign up, your account will be converted in 30-60 days. Your bill will say "payment automatically deducted on (date)" when the plan is in effect.


Budget billing allows you to pay a predictable amount for electricity each month. Couple this with automatic bill payment (above) for the easiest, most convenient method possible. This billing option makes it possible for you to sign up for budget billing any time of the year. If you choose budget billing, our goal is to bill you a consistent averaged amount for 11 months. Midway through the budget period, we review your account and make adjustments accordingly. Then, the 12th month is settle-up month: if you use more electricity than predicted, your bill will be increased by the appropriate amount; if you use less power than estimated, you will receive a refund check.

You must have been a Member for at least one year in order to participate in this program. To download the application, click here.