2022 Special Election

2022 Special Election 

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Proposed Code Change

In October, Hancock-Wood Electric will be holding a special election. During this special election, the members will be asked to vote on a Code of Regulations change to reduce the number of districts in our service area. Due to the timing of this change, the need for a special election is necessary to make the change before the next Annual Meeting and our regular election schedule. If the board-recommended code change is passed by the membership, the board will be reduced from 10 members to 9.

The current Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative board is made up of 10 board members each representing one of the 10 districts in our service area. One board member is nearing the end of his term limit at Hancock-Wood and the board determined this was a good opportunity to investigate redistricting our service area and eliminating one district to reduce costs to our members.

Voting to reduce the number of districts will save the cooperative approximately $20,000 per year. Many of the other co-ops in Ohio and surrounding states have 9 or fewer board members. Having an odd number of board members will also help reduce the possibility of a tied vote.

The board members and management of Hancock-Wood Electric feel this is the opportunity to make a change to better the co-op and hope the membership will take into consideration the many benefits to our members by reducing a board district.

The election timeline:

  • October 14, 2022- Ballots will be mailed to all members. Online voting will be available.
  • November 14, 2022- The election closes, all ballots must be returned prior to this date and the online voting will end.
  • Election results will be announced via our website and Facebook page after this process and the co-op will move forward with redistricting.