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Results of the Elections and Bylaw voting


Members approved proposed revisions to the Cooperative Bylaws at the Sept. 20, 2014, Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative Annual Business Meeting.

Ballot read as follows:

Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative is proposing changes to its Articles of Incorporation and Code of Regulations. These changes fall into three general categories:

1. Article IV, Section 3 would be deleted and rewritten to detail qualifications to become or remain a member of the board of trustees. 

2. Article V, Section 4 - A new section would be added permitting remote attendance at board meetings via electronic means; and, Section 4 and Section 5 would be renumbered - Section 5 and Section 6.

3. Article XII and Article XIII - These two articles would be reversed for formatting purposes.

The Board is recommending that the changes for all three (3) items be approved.


Voting results are:

# 1 – 121 For; 15 Against

# 2 – 105 For; 26 Against

# 3 – 114 For; 16 Against

Detail is below:

ARTICLE IV, Section 3 would be deleted and rewritten as follows:


SECTION 3  Qualifications.  To be eligible to become or remain a member of the board of trustees, a person must comply with or meet the following qualifications: 

            a.   Must be an individual and have the capacity to enter into legal contracts.

            b.   Must be a Member of the Cooperative for the three (3) most recent prior years at the time of his/her nomination for election to the board of trustees or appointment to the board of trustees.

            c.   Must be a bona fide resident of the particular district within the service area of the cooperative which he/she is to represent and shall continue to be a Member and bona fide resident, receiving service from the Cooperative, in the district which he/she represents after his/her election or appointment to the board of trustees.

            d.   The term “bona fide resident” shall include a Member who owns a residence, which may be their primary full-time residence or owns a secondary vacation residence not used primarily for rental purposes.

            e.   Must not be or has not been an employee of the Cooperative within the three (3) previous years prior to his/her nomination for election or appointment to the board of trustees.

            f.    Must not be closely related to an employee or officer of the Cooperative. “Closely related” shall be defined as specified in Article IV, Section 8 (c) of these bylaws.

            g.   Must not be engaged in any business, employed by, nor materially affiliated with, nor having a material financial interest in any competing enterprise or a business selling electric power and/or energy, or supplies to the Cooperative or any Cooperative subsidiary.

            Nothing contained in this section shall affect in any manner whatsoever the validity of any action taken by a majority of the board of trustees.

Article V, Section 4 would be a new section added to Article V and the current Section 4 and Section 5 would be renumbered as Section 5 and Section 6.


SECTION 4.  Attendance.  Board members may, with the approval of the board, attend regular, special or committee board meetings through the use of video or telephonic communications systems where logistic, special or economic circumstances warrant attendance in such a manner.


            These two Articles would be reversed for formatting purposes only.



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