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Touchstone Energy®

Touchstone Painter

Hancock-Wood is proud to be a Touchstone Energy® Cooperative!

In response to legislative and regulatory initiatives changing the landscape of the electric utility industry, cooperatives launched Touchstone Energy® -- a branding initiative -- to join forces with other cooperatives to build member loyalty and attract new members as conditions permit. This national alliance of local, member-owned electric cooperatives provides high standards of service such as integrity, accountability, innovation and a longstanding commitment to communities. More than 700 Touchstone Energy cooperatives in 46 states deliver energy and energy solutions to more than 40 million members each day.


1. Is Touchstone Energy a new company?
No, Touchstone Energy is not a new company or power company. Created in 1998, it's an alliance of member-owned electric cooperatives dedicated to providing reliable, high-quality service at competitive prices.
2. I receive service from Hancock-Wood, did Touchstone change my service?
No. Hancock-Wood still serves you and your local community with the most reliable, trustworthy service on which you can depend. Our participation as a Touchstone Energy cooperative means that Hancock-Wood is associated with a nationwide network of other electric co-ops dedicated to offering added value and benefit to all members.
3. Will Touchstone change Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative's name?
No, our name remains our major brand and identifier. As part of this program, we are identified in more powerful and broader-ranging marketing materials as "A Touchstone Energy Cooperative," so, Hancock-Wood added the Touchstone logo to our marketing materials.
4. Why did electric co-ops do this?
The electric utility market is undergoing many changes on state and federal levels. In light of these changes, Hancock-Wood has a stronger voice if it joins forces with other co-ops through Touchstone Energy to position ourselves as the power providers of choice.
5. What is the real difference between Touchstone Energy cooperatives and other energy providers?
Touchstone Energy cooperatives offer the advantage of a strong, local presence with the additional resources of a nationwide network of electric utility services, while continuing to operate according to cooperative principles.
6. What is the meaning of the name 'Touchstone Energy'?
A 'touchstone' is a measure of quality and value and helps convey the special nature of cooperatives, which include: strength and responsiveness through a local presence; a genuine commitment to the communities we serve; innovation and state-of-the-art technology, and high-quality service with a focus on member service.
7. Why the name "Touchstone Energy"?
The Touchstone Energy name was chosen from recommended names from focus groups of co-op members across the country and selected as the most effective name for communicating brand identity. A touchstone was once used to test the purity of gold. Today, it is a standard by which all others may be compared. Touchstone Energy Cooperatives provide member service that sets industry standards.
8. Why is Touchstone Energy important to business and residential members?
Touchstone Energy cooperatives made a commitment to provide reliable, member-focused service and provide innovative programs to better serve their members like online energy audits, consolidated billing, energy management services and energy efficient home programs.


  • Implementing the Touchstone Energy logo on all marketing and advertising
  • Building a local advertising campaign in for use in the national Touchstone Energy ad campaign.
  • Co-branding and education about Touchstone Energy at special events, fairs and day-trips.
  • Co-branding on employee uniforms, hats, promotional materials and on-hold message system.
  • Bringing the Touchstone Energy 20' cold air display balloon to our Annual Meeting and other events.
  • Distributing the Discovery Channel Get Charged! education kits.
  • Conducting member service training to serve members in the distinct Touchstone Energy spirit.
  • Working with our statewide office to conduct Touchstone Energy awareness surveys.
  • Distributing Touchstone Energy Extra! to employees, to help build the brand.
  • Working with our statewide office to place Touchstone Energy ads in northwest Ohio.
  • Displaying a Touchstone Energy poster and counter card in the Hancock-Wood lobby to make the brand and its core values visible.

We demonstrate our Concern for Community by volunteering and donating to local charitable causes. Nearly $500,000 in grants have been distributed in the last decade through grants and Operation Round Up funds to individuals and organizations in need. We also provide assistance to Habitat for Humanity, schools, churches and community events. To learn more, click on Community Involvement above. learn more

Members benefit from electric service reliability, competitive rates, money after co-op bills are paid in the form of patronage/capital credits, discounts, informative co-op publications, easy-to-access payment plans, rebates, scholarships, family-friendly Member-only events and a vote in the direction of Hancock-Wood Electric Co-op. To learn more, click on Member Benefits above. learn more

Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative has granted more than $100,000 in scholarships within the last decade. An additional Power Systems Engineer (PSE) Scholarship has been added to the program. The winner of this scholarship is eligible for paid internship(s) in the co-op’s engineering department. learn more